Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Download activeFactory !

Hi !

activeFactory is now downloadable ! There are 2 ways to download it :

Archive files :


Use this command :
svn checkout http://active-factory.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ active-factory/source

Present version is a mash-up of activeCollab 0.6 & Flyspray 0.9.8

activeCollab team has just released a new beta version. I'm currently working on updating activeFactory with the new activeCollab features.

Enjoy it !


Ilija Studen said...


I'd really like to see how activeFactory works, but download links don't work and repository is empty :(

Only Bryce said...

Hi Ilija,

I'm happy to see the activeCollab developer here !

All is fixed now, you can download and try it.

You can mail me when you want and it would be nice to get your feedbacks.