Friday, September 29, 2006

activeFactory 0.2 Beta release

Hi everybody,

A beta version of activeFactory 0.2 in now online and downloadable.

Two links :

Zip archive

tar.gz archive

What's new

  • activeCollab 0.7 beta functionnality like mail support, new file section, new comments ...

  • new notify type relative to Flyspray (you can choose what notification you want to receive)

  • Add Phing module using for create a script which is able to update source from a subversion server, update your database or execute some Unix command automatically.

Documentation coming soon...
Have a lot of fun ^^

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Some screenshots

I put on this blog some captures of the next activeFactory release (0.2).
You can see a preview of what is activeFactory and its new features.

activeFactory Tasks                        addnew Task

Flyspray in activeCollab                 Flypray management

Phing module

Friday, September 08, 2006

activeFactory 0.2 Beta

Hi everybody !

Just a topic to say you that I'm still working on activeFactory and especially on the new version including activeCollab 0.7 features which are :

  • New files section with versioning and comments

  • New comments that can be easily attached to any object type

  • Configuration section in administration

  • Improved mailing support

  • Bug fixes

(source : activeCollab Roadmap)

For now, I'm fixing some critical bugs.
Next I'll work on Flyspray notification. I want to implement new notification types and a managing interface which allow users to configure what notification they want to receive or not.

Final step will be a testing phase and then a new version will be available to you.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

activeFactory is now ready :-)

Hi everybody !

This time you could download activeFactory thanks to archives or SVN.
Links are OK and installation works fine.

Enjoy it and don't hesitate to let us some comments !

activeFactory finally not ready :(

Sorry but some problems with in installation process seem to still be there.
I think they will be fixed in a couple of hours.

Please be patient.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Download activeFactory !

Hi !

activeFactory is now downloadable ! There are 2 ways to download it :

Archive files :


Use this command :
svn checkout active-factory/source

Present version is a mash-up of activeCollab 0.6 & Flyspray 0.9.8

activeCollab team has just released a new beta version. I'm currently working on updating activeFactory with the new activeCollab features.

Enjoy it !

activeFactory begins !

Hi everybody !

This blog is dedicated to activeFactory development. activeFactory is born because we do like working with activeCollab (a project management tool) and Flyspray (a bug reporting tool) and we wanted to make them work together.
So we created this small mash-up : it will allow you to manage your bugs (the way Flyspray does ) directly into your activeCollab projects.

activeFactory is released under the terms of GPL and will be freely downloadable in few hours... suscribe to the RSS feeds !