Friday, September 29, 2006

activeFactory 0.2 Beta release

Hi everybody,

A beta version of activeFactory 0.2 in now online and downloadable.

Two links :

Zip archive

tar.gz archive

What's new

  • activeCollab 0.7 beta functionnality like mail support, new file section, new comments ...

  • new notify type relative to Flyspray (you can choose what notification you want to receive)

  • Add Phing module using for create a script which is able to update source from a subversion server, update your database or execute some Unix command automatically.

Documentation coming soon...
Have a lot of fun ^^


gorfou said...


I installed activeFactory successfully.

activeCollab works fine but when I try to access flySpray admin it doesn't work. It seems that file associated to flySpray are not provided.

Someone have encounter this problem and have a solution ?


offgridman said...

Screen shots do not work.
Check and see I bet they are being loaded local.
Try viewing from a different machine.